The moment I was waiting for all week finally arrived yesterday. My appointment at I Scream Nails. An appointment with fabulous.

IMG_3165I Scream Nails is a small nail art studio in Collingwood (they are also located in Sydney) specialising in custom nail designs and embellishments, often of the geeky-chic persuasion (be still, my heart). I stumbled across the salon via NerdBurger on Facebook. Like any efficient new blogger, I was scanning the “Likes” section of some of my favourite pages and came across this gem whilst scouring the NerdBurger page. To be honest, they had me at the logo (featured above): chic, bubble-gum pop and oh, so punny. When I realised they operated out of Collingwood I went into a manic state known well by my partner, where my voice reaches octave levels audible only to dogs, military sensors and teenage girls. I tried scouring their Instagram account prior to my appointment, but to be honest, this only fed the manic state. After many hours of contemplating a seemingly endless reel of fabulous desings (including cupcakes, pinapples, pusheen, and Agro from Cartoon Connection) I settled on cats, unicorns and galaxies, because, cats, unicorns and galaxies.

IMG_3182The interior of the store is so kawaii: pastel tones cover every accessory; fluffy marshmallow bean-bags sag in a corner behind the nail stations; and, a hot pink nail decal adorns the main wall. I was running late, so I busted in like a mad woman and was ushered to my station immediately. I was shown a menu with dozens of nail designs to chose from but didn’t have much time, so I skipped IMG_3179to the kitties and opted to pair one with an adorable unicorn and some galaxies. As I mentioned earlier, I pretty much knew what I wanted.  I could have looked for hours, though. I highly recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early so you can peruse the menu. My friend in arms chose gold sparkle nails with stunning blue feature eyes. VERY glam. The crazy part? Both sessions took all of 40 minutes, punctuated every couple or so by delighted squealing. My nail artist was friendly, accommodating and eager to please. She even painted a little pink collar on the cat so it would resemble my Missy. That’s service you can’t beat. All of this cost only $40. A bargain in my opinion.

I strongly recommend a visit to I Scream Nails in Collingwood. So much cute, so much art, so kawaii. So go on, get your nails did.