I was so excited when I thought to write this post. I gushed at the thought of how perfectly it marries my love of geek and girl culture. It should have been a no brainer really. Women are routinely held to outrageous standards of beauty and judged when they’re found to be non-compliant Uhurawith the status quo. What’s worse, many people find it perfectly acceptable to police women’s fashion choices and unfortunately, geek culture is no different; however, I’ve recently noticed a growing trend in geek culture, particularly among the women-folk, of creatively repurposing pop-culture as fashion. This usually involves grassroots, DIY, and thrifted sources (like this hand-made felt Uhura pin (courtesy of Lumpy Buttons Gifts), but it can also include commercial items such as a simple Marvel branded tank-top (like this one, courtesy of Her Universe). This kind of identity play also serves as a palpable “fuck you” to the would-be haters and fashion police because it rarely falls within the accepted realms of cute, bookish or hot. Instead it tends to straddle all three in a subversive manoeuvre to redefine what it means to be a girl geek.

Thanks to the proliferation of niche fashion markets online, I’ve joined the ranks and spent the last few years slowly crafting a style of my own that combines my love of pop-culture with a deep and undeniable yearning for all that is pink, shiny, frilly, flouncy and fun. Coupled with my somewhat rebellious streak and love of cats, the overall look I hope to achieve – my final form, if you will – could be described as “leather-clad pussy-pop”. I’m prouder of that name than you could possibly know. I’m still building my collection, but here are my top three favourite items so far:


1. Custom made Star Wars dress from Rebecca’s Dorky Designs (formerly Candied Starfish) on Etsy

I can’t love this dress enough. It’s the perfect combination of geeky and girly and, best of all, it boasts a vintage design complete with A-line skirt (perfect for wearing with a petticoat), sweetheart bust and halter-neck tie.



It’s super versatile. I wore it to last year’s Armageddon Expo with some black slipper flats and a denim jacket, but it would look equally cute with some Converse Chucks or retro sneakers (and in the Winter, STOCKINGS!). Due to it’s super girly and flattering cut, it can also be worn dressed up. The picture to the right was taken at a charity event last year. I went FULL glam with pin-stripe stockings, peep-toe heels and bee-hive hair. It’s a pity I didn’t get a full-length photo, but you get the idea.

IMG_3522   IMG_3524


2. Black Milk Clothing Disney’s The Little Mermaid Leggings

These were a gift last Christmas from my co-hosts at Whatcha Podcast (thanks guys!). I’m drawn to these bad-girls like a moth to a fluorescent flame. The colours are absolutely intoxicating and when paired with neutral tones, like the denim shirt featured below, I feel like I’m walking on neon stilts. I adore them.



When I’m feeling adventurous, I pair them with my rhinestone magenta Converse All Stars. Too much? Hell no! Bring the rainbow! What’s more, they’re comfy to boot. The Black Milk brand is known for its quality so when you order a pair of their leggings they should be snug, comfy and durable. Oh, and hot.

156089_549232658513510_4546966142162953406_n (1)   1454705_549239885179454_7142702771585517382_n (1)


3. DIY Felt Donut Badge

I’ve written about this already in an earlier post, so I won’t labour on the point here, but suffice to say, I love my felt donut badge. Who wouldn’t? Best of all, I made it myself, so it’s one of a kind. I mostly like to wear it as a feature item when the upper-half of my outfit is otherwise too conservative. So felt. Much cute. Very plush.












In addition to my own humble attempts at fashion (I haven’t even mentioned my Dalek dress and the signature “Sexy Dalek” cocktail it inspired) there are a ton of women out there killing it with their interpretations of girl geek chic. There are simply too many to credit them all, but special mentions go to Nerdburger Cazz, who’s look I describe as “DIY Bubblegum Punk” and Lauren Stardust who, in her own words, has been “Fucked By a Unicorn” (just Google “Lauren Stardust” and “Fucked By A Unicorn”. You’ll be pleasantly surprised). Cazz, the ultimate comic book nerd is known for her themed outfits, as evidenced in these amazing Batman and Rainbow Brite ensembles:

Cazz BatmanCazz Rainbow Brite










Lauren is a trend-setter known for her eclectic style and zero tolerance attitude towards the policing of women’s bodies and fashion choices. She’s also well-known in the Cosplay scene. Her love of Bowie and corgis is ever-apparent. A women of my own heart.

10928829_908419502522782_6779960496355094798_n (1) 11018137_909304475767618_7408816578118530622_n


And of course, no fashion post would be complete without a list of all the best online stores, so I’ve included a handy list of links below for all your geek chic shopping needs. It’s in no way exhaustive, but it will get you started.

Stay classy ladies, I like your style.











Feature image from Supayana on Etsy