I usually reserve blog posts for long-form articles, but this is definitely post-worthy. Just five hours ago, the delightful Neil Gaiman announced that he and Amanda Palmer are expecting their first baby together! Lit-nerds, art-nerds, rejoice! The announcement was made via Twitter and soon followed by a post from AFP (Amanda Fucking Palmer) herself, bragging that she is eating ‘all the ravioli she wants’. I say feed that baby (and yourself) all the creamy pasta you collectively need!

The couple also shared this beautiful photo of Amanda, three months pregnant.










From The Maven Herself, I would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to the lucky couple. What an amazing life the little bublet will have. Who knows what kind of child they will become. Maybe they’ll start a Fantasy filking band? Or write feminist comics and perform them through interpretive dance? Either way, this is surely a win for geeks everywhere (and, humankind).

Best wishes to both of you and enjoy that ravioli, Amanda. You’ve inspired me to break for lunch.


Feature image from BleedingCool.com, photo by Kyle Cassidy